A Brief History of Live the Life


Richard and Elizabeth Albertson started Live the Life in the back of their townhouse in 1998 with a mission to strengthen marriages and families. They started Live the Life out of the painful lessons learned from the brokenness of their own marriage. With the growing cancer of divorce and family breakdown spreading across America, Richard and Elizabeth’s passion is to provide individuals and couples the practical tools, skills and resources needed to transform marriages and families. After many years of steady growth and increased impact, Live the Life became a statewide organization in 2011. Today Live the Life has offices in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Bradenton and Ft. Lauderdale, and is recognized nationally in the marriage and relationship education field.

Where We Serve

We currently serve Tallahassee, South Florida, Jacksonville, Sarasota and Bradenton. Have questions? Contact Us Today

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to strengthen marriages and families. Our vision is simple: Communities will become “divorce-free zones”, where divorces are rarely, if ever, wanted or needed, and where strong marriages are encouraged, nurtured, developed, and maintained. As our dream comes true, more children will grow up in safe, happy, and healthy married families characterized by nurturing parents, permanence and better life outcomes.

Strategic goals in each community we serve:

Increase the statistical marriage rate

Decrease the statistical divorce rate

Decrease non-marital child births

Increase church attendance

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