Marriage Counseling/Coaching


Pastoral counseling and relationship coaching for couples and individuals is available to help find healing and restoration in marriages and in life. Couple's counseling helps eliminate the roadblocks to emotional bonding while teaching the skills that develop deep relational intimacy. Our pastoral counseling staff are ordained ministers with clinical training and/or CPE certified.

There are basic emotional and relational needs common to all human beings. Our relationships can be adversely affected by past hurts and brokenness, as well as by unmet emotional needs in the present. Using the best tools of psychology and behavioral research, our pastoral counseling staff helps clients identify past hurts, unmet emotional needs, and self-defeating behavioral patterns which may be hindering personal growth and relational health. Skills Based Counseling is used to assist clients in discovering new ways of thinking and behaving that will help them develop healthy and satisfying relationships. The overarching goal of all our counseling is to equip clients with tools designed to bring about healing and heart level transformation.


Dr. Rick Marks and Pastor Matthew Meadows are Pastoral Counselors and are available by appointment and may be contacted through:

(904) 374-6365


Don and Angie Power are Relationship Coaches and are available by appointment and may be contacted through:

(941) 685-1462


Pastor Bob Garment is a Pastoral Counselor and is available by appointment and may be contacted through:

(850) 339-7258

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