How We Serve Churches

We offer ministry development in a multitude of ways. Below is a list of what we offer churches in this area.


A comprehensive set of marriage and family curriculum, serving the needs of people in all stages of life

Training in our proven, research-based curriculum

Options for ongoing, highly effective, affordable, biblically­ based counseling for your congregation*

Nationally recognized Hope Weekends, designed to engage and reconnect couples in crisis

A variety of programs held locally that build and strengthen marital relationships and the family

Consulting on how to grow your marriage ministry

Opportunity to sponsor local events and workshops around your community

Promotion of your marriage programs

Access to community events, such as date nights, retreats and workshops, that provide marriage enrichment to congregants, while also uniting churches in marriage ministry

Trained instructors that can teach programs at your church or local venue

Instructors for the marriage and family curriculum of your choice*

Experienced speakers to cast God's vision of marriage and family to your church

*Available in some Regions

Healthy Marriage Ministries

Vision, Skills and Support are key ingredients in healthy marriage ministries. If these ingredients are balanced, churches that provide a wealth of opportunities for relationship and marriage education show a high degree of success combating divorce and other marriage related problems in their church. This success spread into surrounding communities and creates serving-centered opportunities for evangelism.



Learning how God meant marriage to work in contrast to the conflicting messages in the world.


Practicing practical skills designed to strengthen the marital bond in the normal life or in conflicts.


Connecting with groups, trained coaches or professionals to help master skills learned in programs.

Contact Us To Get Started

We would love to help you and your ministry. Take the first step and reach out so we can provide you with additional information on next steps.

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